Wednesday, August 29, 2007

FSH levels are good

I received a call yesterday afternoon that my FSH levels were good and my baseline sonogram was normal. They did the sonogram to make sure that I don't have fibroids, cysts or other structural issues. I start the birth control pills tomorrow.

I am nervous about starting the medications. I absolutely HATE being nauseated and I get that several times a day as it is due to the gastric bypass. You just never know what food will react with you after having that kind of surgery. It could be too much natural sugar in the fruit, too many fat grams or carbs in your meal, one bite too many, too much spice, etc. I really need to be more aware of what I eat. I have been battling nausea quite a bit lately and I hate feeling sick. I don't want to feel worse. I can totally ruin your day when you feel sick so sick that if you will vomit!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It finally came...

Well...I was enjoying my day at a pool party...when my period finally came. That old saying "I am woman, hear me roar"... always comes to my mind on the first day of my period. I am not sure if it is the sudden cramps, the having to wear a diaper, or feeling like I am being punished that causes that particular thought to run through my mind. I basically feel cranky and as if though I could easily rip someone's head off if they pissed me off.

On the fertility note, tomorrow will actually be day one of my cycle because my period came in the afternoon. So, Tuesday I am due at the clinic for blood work and a sonogram. I happen to be off from work on Tuesday, so that works out nicely.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sperm Test Results Back

Well, I got "our" semen sample results today. He has a 9% morphology. My response was "what is that and what does it mean?". I was told that they like to see it above 14%. They said that the morphology of semen is the shape and normalcy. I understand it like this....out the 100% semen sample...9% were normal in shape and size. She said that there were a lot with 3 tails, many with no heads. I began to picture children with no heads or 3 butts!!!! Apparently this is normal UP TO A CERTAIN %....and they like that % to be greater than 14. Then suddenly I started hearing "ching ching" like coins dropping onto a counter in my head. AND I was right. When this is the case...they recommend either another sample to be given or a procedure called (ICSI) to be used in the fertilization. ICSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. That means that they "micromanipulate" the sperm by injecting a single sperm directly into the egg in order to fertilize it. This is done for low sperm counts or low motility sperm. If they don't have a head or a won't be motile enough to get the job done. They burrow their heads to get into the egg and use their tails to swim towards it. AND yes...this is another $2000 more! OUCH. I received this information from our nurse. She said that she would speak with our doctor and get back to me on where we go from here. Details details....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sperm testing day

Well, the day came and we did what we needed to do. It was all rather much so that I felt a little sad about it. We were uncomfortable in using the fertility clinic's special we worked on the specimen at home and had an hour to deliver it.

They verified that we have done everything that can be done as far as pre-testing. Now, we just wait for my period to come (which is due at the end of the month). At that point I call and schedule my "period" day 3 appointment. At that appointment I will have my first ultrasound done, FSH blood level checked and get my prescriptions to start the birth control pills on day 5. I think that I am keeping this all straight. Too many acronyms and dates!

It seems strange to start birth control pills (BCP) when I am trying to get pregnant. This will stop everything and allow the doctor to take control of my cycle. I have a lot of anxieties about using BCP's. I don't want to gain weight, break out or lose hair from them. I keep reminding myself that I will only be on them for a few short weeks. I have been persistent with my work outs. I have also been pretty good about drinking my protein shakes. I did experience some hair loss after having gastric bypass surgery and quickly realized that if I stuck to my protein hair would be normal.

This will be another concern do deal with. I mix my protein powder in a 20 ounce bottle of water and add a packet of crystal light for flavoring. I drink 3 of these a day. I haven't tolerated any other forms. However, splenda isn't recommended during pregnancy. I will have to figure something else out. I know that Unjury...which is the maker of my protein powder...sells chocolate flavored protein powder. I am thinking of trying that out in a glass of milk. I will clearly need the milk, calories and protein. Hopefully I can tolerate it. All this in the name of not going bald or being malnourished.

Friday, August 10, 2007

I am at the beginning of a very exciting and scary time. My husband and I are starting our IVF cycle in about 2 and 1/2 weeks. We had our first appointment on August 1st and our first set of labs (blood work) done this past Wednesday on August 8th.

I have 3 sons that are (16, 12 and 9) from my first marriage. I have been married over 3 years this time around. My husband has no children of his own. We have decided that we want to have one of our own. I had my a tubal ligation after the delivery of my last child. I also had gastric bypass surgery July of 2006. So, there are a few complications in our journey.

After doing our own research and asking professionals for their opionions. We decided to go with IVF. We start with my next menstrual cycle....which is due at the end of this month.
Our next husband has to give a semen sample next Wednesday on August 15th. They are checking to make sure that they are the right shape, amount and motility. Then...we wait for my period.

I might be a little graphic or technical with my comes from being a former paramedic and current nurse. I can't help it.

All I can do at toss and turn as I try to fall asleep...worrying about how much weight will I gain, what if it doesn't work and we spend all of this money (our insurance isn't covering it because of my elective tubal ligation), will it hurt, will I turn in a hormonal monster!

Well, until next time...I am off to try and get some sleep...again.