Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ready To Try

My AF showed up today. So, it is CD1 for me. I am going to use an ovulation kit this month and give it a try. I am kind of afraid....I haven't gotten over how painful it was to see a big fat negative on the tons of pregnancy tests that I took while going through IVF. Each and everyone broke my heart.

I told myself that I wouldn't take any until the day that my period is due. After two rounds with IVF...I am not feeling so positive about getting pregnant.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Recovering from Tubal Reveral

I returned from Chapel Hill, NC two days ago. I had my tubal ligation reversal on Jan. 31st as scheduled. It wasn't too bad immediately afterwards. Dr. B totally numbed my abd so I felt groggy and that was about it. I took vicodin for 2 days and had to get off that stuff because it was making me feel really sick! I felt dizzy and that nauseated me. So, these last 2 days that I have been off the narcs...I haven't felt nauseated but I have felt sore when I move around and I occasionally get chills and weakness. I have been pretty careful at monitoring my temperature which has remained normal.

I had concern before the surgery as to how my incision would heal because of excess skin from my gastric bypass. That has indeed turned out to be an issue. My incision is right at the bottom of my belly (bikini line)....which is right where I have excess skin (sorry about the TMI). It has been a chore to take care of that!

On another feels so strange to be able to get pregnant! I haven't worried about that in 10 years! According to my cycle days, I ovulate this weekend. I hope that I am feeling better!