Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have pretty much healed completely. I am hoping that I can still have a successful pregnancy with the one tube that I have left. I am supposed to schedule an HSG at the beginning of my next period. If the one tube that I have left is blocked....then my doctor said that we can submit a request for my insurance to cover the cost of IVF. This of coarse is...after having a current loan for almost $25,000 for all of the infertility stuff we have already done. It think that the loss feels so much more heavier when you are empty handed and in debt!

I am not sure if I prefer for my tube to be open and get stuck with having to try naturally with such a small chance that I will conceive or if I am hoping that it is blocked in the hope that maybe our insurance will actually pay for IVF. I hate how having a baby for me really just boils down to money.

I suppose all that I can do is really is out of my hands.