Monday, May 25, 2009


I had my beta done this morning and my RE herself called me back. Normally, a nurse calls you back with lab results. I was wonderful to hear her say "you are pregnant". My beta was 267 at 12dp5dt. I am flying to Seattle tomorrow for work and will have to figure out where I can have my repeats HCG (beta) levels out there this week. My sonogram will be next Tuesday.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Correction on HPT

I wrote earlier that I first tested on 5dp5dt....I actually did but received a negative that day. I tested every morning since. The first faint positive that got was 6dp5dt.

Still feeling good but tired. I can't wait for my beta.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Forgot something....

They put two blasts in on 5/13/09 and I actually had two blasts that made it freezing. I am a happy that I have a back up for another try if this doesn't work out (which hurts to even mention that) but on the flip side....I feel guilty wondering what am I going to do with them if this pregnancy is successful. I don't believe in destroying them, and I don't want to pay money out for the rest of my life on keeping them frozen and I don't think that I could handle giving them away.

HPT results

I took my first hpt 5dp5dt and got a very faint positive. I have continued to take one hpt every morning and the positive line has continued to get darker. So, it appears that I might actually be pregnant! I am cautiosly optomistic and too afraid to be happy. After two failed cycles and one ruptured ectopic....I need to see the heart beat before I start to let myself relax. My beta is scheduled for Monday (Memorial Day).

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fertilization Report

Out of my 9 eggs retrieved...8 were mature and 7 fertilized using ICSI. They were all at two cells today. I hope that they are thriving and I can't wait to here tomorrow how they are doing and when they go back in.

I am concerned about my lining. It went from 8.2 to 6.8 at the end of stimulation. I am not doing progesteron shots this time. They have me on estrace pills and I start the endometrium suppositories the day after retrieval. My RE's office told me not to worry because my estrogen level was at 2600 and the estrace would help my lining be ready for the transfer. Trust is difficult in this process! Specially for a control freak like me!

If I do a 3 day transfer, three embryos go back in. If it makes it to a 5 day, 2 will go back in.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The eggs are out!

Well the cycle has progressed with ups and down. It started out with such slow growing of the follicles and a huge 42mm cyst that it was almost cancelled. Then the cyst decreased to half of its size (thanks to a lot of praying) and the follicles started to grow a little better.

I haven't been a huge egg producer so the 7 that they were looking at was expected...although still disapointing to me. Today the eggs came out and they actually got 9. I was pleasantly surprised. My husband said a prayer before I went in for the retrieval so I have to give the credit to God again. I won't find out until tomorrow how many were mature and how many turned out fertilizing. I am hoping for 5 to 6. More prayers!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IVF #3

We are starting off to a tricky start. Today was my first monitoring day which is stimulation day 4 for me. My estrogen level was 468 and I have a cyst that measures 42 mm on the left ovary. There were 10 eggs visible but it is still early.

I was hoping for more eggs being that I am on the lupron flare protocol (micrdose lupron protocol) and I am concerned that the cyst will interfere with the progress of my cycle. My medication doses were lowered from 150 menapur to 75 and the Gonal F will remain at 300, no change with the twice a day 20 units of lupron. I return tomorrow for more bloodwork and another sonogram.

Monday, March 30, 2009

IVF #3

Well, I am back after a long break. I had an HSG done and learned that my remaining tube after my ectopic was blocked. My insurance finally approved IVF, so here we go again. Today is CD1 and I start BCP Wednesday. They are estimating my egg retrieval to be on 5/6. We are really hoping this one will work.

I had to start synthroid and repliva because my thyroid levels were off and the anemia creeped back. We wanted to make sure that all of my lab levels are normal for this time. Gastric bypass has made that challenging at times.