Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tubal Reversal Scheduled

My tubal reversal is scheduled for January 31st in Chapel Hill, NC. I was able to get the time off work. I am really nervous about this. I just had major surgery less than two years ago with the gastric bypass and don't really look forward to my belly being cut again. I still also would like a tummy tuck in the future and that would be another time that my belly gets cut!

I am also terrified of an ectopic pregnancy. I hope that all goes well. I am due back at work less than a week after my surgery!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Beginning Journey of Tubal Reversal

I guess that I should re-name this blog to infertility since I am no longer on the IVF path. I called the insurance company today to verify my benifits for a tubal reversal. I was told that they would cover 100% with an "in-network" provider and 80% with an "out of network" provider. I was also told that I do not need pre-authorization. Of coarse, I requested that they send me this in writing.

I am still waiting to hear back from Shady Grover Fertility regarding who does the tubal reversals through their clinic. They did my IVF and have all of my records. I was told that their process is....the doctor that did my IVF will review all of my information and contact the doctor in the practice that does tubal reverals and review all of my history with them. Then, they will contact me with his information so that I can set up a consultation. My doctor has been out of town for the holidays. She was due back today.

I would really like to just find out if their doctor does the "microsurgery" type of tubal reversals and how many a week does he do, how many has he done. I only want to have this done by a surgeon that is completely specialized in this, has done over 5,000 of them and does it via microsurgery.

There is a place in North Carolina that meets all of these requirements (of mine :-) ). However, they would be out of, I would be responsible for 20% and I would have to pay it up front and then get reimbursed by my insurance company.

I sent the doctor in North Carolina the information from my pathology report of the tubal ligation. It states how much of my tube was removed and by which method. He is supposed to review this with my history and let me know if it is even worth doing. However, I can't imagine too many doctors saying "no" to money. Sad but true.